Capital Movers Ltd Edinburgh – Offer the complete range of services for moving your house contents.

If you are moving house within Edinburgh, or between here and anywhere in the UK. Capital Movers offer a complete removal and storage service. We are reliable and trustworthy with over 30 years experience, and we always go the extra mile to ensure your move goes smoothly.

When Packing Experience Shines Through.

Packing refers to all your belongings that will fit into the cartons used by your moving company. We offer our service based on the adage if it fits into a box it's a packable item. Obvious maybe, but not every customer who chooses to pack themselves are aware of this fundamental removal golden rule.

Packing up all your personal belongings can be a very time consuming exercise, customers who opt for packing themselves have told us that they spent the afternoon down memory lane rather than inside a packing box!

We would always recommend using our experienced packers to prepare your belongings for the move. They employ the correct techniques and undertake their task in a timely manner.

It would be safe to say that once customers have employed our packing service they never opt for anything else.

Please note

Our insurers will offer comprehensive cover for contractor packed belongings whereas very limited cover is offered for owner packed.

Offering a packing service will incur additional expense, which would be based on the amount of packing required.

We would also recommend it maybe a very good time to clear away those items you intended to dispose of years ago as your movers will pack everything (with the exception of prohibited items).

Whatever route you chose to take there is never a right and wrong option, some customers genuinely enjoy the prospect of the challenge.

Good Luck.

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