Capital Movers Ltd Edinburgh – Offer the complete range of services for moving and storing your house contents.

As a professional moving and storage company we will always suggest a home visit, exclusions do apply e.g. moves from locales considered to far away.

Once a suitable survey date and time has been arranged our estimators task is to satisfy you we can meet your specific removal requirements. They will also be able to brief our crew on exactly what is required ensuring you have the service tailored to you.

With modern tech. we can also offer a video survey using Whatsapp, often available out of normal working hours.

But nothing beats that face to face contact.

Often clients will say "I'm just looking to get an idea so i don't wish to waste your time". Your not, actually it will save time as we will often have booked the appt. and had the quote sent leaving you ready to consider our offer rather than having to come back to then arrange.

Be aware when phoning for a rough price companies may under estimate your price hoping to keep your interest rather than risk losing your potential business. How many times has that rough price ever matched the actual? We will try to give you the highest likely figure but we will always ask to book an appt. to confirm any offer.

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Call us now on 0131 552 2985 and see what we can do for you.

Lets ensure getting those keys is a pleasant experience!

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