Capital Movers Ltd Edinburgh – Offer the complete range of services for moving your house contents.

If you are moving house within Edinburgh, or between here and anywhere in the UK. Capital Movers offer a complete removal and storage service. We are reliable and trustworthy with over 30 years experience, and we always go the extra mile to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Welcome to the world of Container Storage.

Storage here, storage there, storage everywhere possible place. Big store. Little store. Long store. Short store. Good store. BAD STORE!

How do you know and how do you choose?

GO VISIT THE FACILITY. Good, that's it. Move on

Wait a bit more info please.

Okay. Indoor or outdoor?

Well, obviously indoor it's all my worldly household possessions.

Ok, but not so obvious some storage facilities are shipping containers in a secure compound.

Good though!

Hmm outdoor metal box - you decide.

Ok definitely indoor and certainly not containers.



Different containers?

Yes. The picture below (no not the cute dog the picture to the cute dogs left, (think about it) is a container.

It's the type of storage container we use and, dare I say, the best type of storage solution for your belongings.

You would say that.

Well let's look at the facts. (Please bear with us, we think it's worth the trouble)

Less dead space (partially full units)

That is wasted space in your allocated unit or units. We have emptied hundreds of self store units and when we see the size of unit in relation to the amount of belongings held in that unit, we always ask WHY pay for empty space. We will admit for small consignments e.g. Student storage - self store is ideal. Full house contents then it's got to be container store.

Our containers hold a volume of 7 cubic metres (250 cu. ft.) and are 2.1m (7ft) high, this means we can safely stack your belongings to the full height reducing dead space. Let say you require a storage volume of 25 cubic metres (900 cubic feet) this equates to 4 of our containers and means 1 container would only be 3/5 full, 2/5 dead space. This utilises to the maximum the allocated containers and has reduced the amount of dead space therefore saving you money.

Less risk of Damage (less movement of belongings)

Our containers will be loaded onto our vehicle and brought to your property whereupon our removal crew will load your belongings into said containers. The lorry returns to depot and the forklift truck unloads into store. Unlike conventional or self store this means your furniture has been moved only once the implication being the more you move an item the greater the risk of damage!

Container storage is cheaper! (less work involved)

The process of bringing your belongings into our store means less work for your removal crew and therefore a much cheaper quote to you on the collection and redelivery charges.

It's a WIN WIN WIN situation for you!

One last point to note is that ALL professional removal companies use containerised storage.

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