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Capital Movers Ltd Edinburgh – Understanding the needs of our clients.

Please note the advise given is in no particular order.

1. Let us do everything possible to ease your stress i.e. let us pack, dismantle and generally do all the services we are trained to undertake efficiently and in a timely manner.

It won't cost as much as you think.

Remember moving car loads of belongings yourself will have very little impact on our price.

All to often it will get in our way causing obvious issues!

The reality is that for us to load, say, an extra 20 boxes would add a maximum of 20 minutes work time. "Can you price our move with and without that 20 minutes".

2. If you decide to pack all your boxable items. Then we will supply all necessary materials, well in advance of your booked removal date, giving you plenty of time to be ready for moving day.

For local moves boxes are supplied free of charge on the strict understanding they are returned in a re-usable condition.

Please bear in mind the removal adage "If it fits in a box - then it goes in a box"

3. Remember to make sure young children are kept away from the busy working enviroment, getting under the feet of crew members carrying your sofa could be catastrophic!

4. Similarly, pets will become stressed and need the appropriate care. Often pets can be found in the back of our lorries, thankfully prior to departure!

5. Keep an important box separate from your removal. Put keys, paperwork, passport, medicines, tv remote control (trust us on this one) and anything else you feel necessary.

6. Where possible keeping your neighbours informed about the arrival of a very large removal truck on moving day eases potential issues. We will discuss and arrange any necessary parking permits/dispensation and suspension.

7. We would encourage you to complete our feedback form which helps others to make an informed choice, thank you.

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Final point. (arguably the most controversial)

8.Getting your keys from your agents is possibly the single most stressful issue on moving day. In a perfect world you will have your keys prior to our vehicle leaving your loading address.

Agents tend to be far too optimistic regarding key timings and increasingly vague when pressed!

Our advice:

Seven days prior - Call your agents confirming movers are booked for your entry date.

The day before - Call your agents just to remind them it's moving day tomorrow and our removers will need access as early as....

On moving day at 9.01 a.m. - Call agents "our removal crew are loading and look like we'll be ready to gain access for e.g. 10 a.m.".

In most cases this advice works!

Now, just sit back with a nice cuppa (obviously you won't have packed the kettle) and enjoy your house move.

Capital Movers Ltd - Helpful Hints
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